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    24th July 2018, Tuesday

Organised seminar on LIFE AFTER CAMPUS

We, Department of BBA, have organized a seminar on “Life After Campus” by Ms. Hetal Mehta, for second year and third year students of BBA on 24th July, 2018. In this session students got to register themselves on LinkedIn and internshala.com. Roughly 150+ students participated in the session and the session lasted for 80minutes.

The session was started by welcome speech and introduction of Ms. Mehta by Ms. Priti Mehta. Session was very informative on personality traits, training based career development, careers according to personality and interest etc. topics.

Ms. Hetal strated with introduction of what is the meaning of life after campus and how important it is. Then she talked about how to build network on LinkedIn and Internshala.com. She made all the students to register themselves on both the sites. Few students were already registered. So she asked how long they are engaged on both the sites. Students then gave information on what they exactly are doing on both sites.

Ms. Hetal then talked about how you can identify your personality traits and in what category you fall. Like I think, I follow. I think, I try to do etc.

Then she let the students knew about how many training programmes are running to get interest oriented careers.

It was really fascinating for students to know about how easily they can pursue their dream job and desired career.


Co-Ordinators :

  1. Ms. Priti Mehta
  2. Ms. Rency Desai
  3. Ms. Shanu Desai