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    2nd August 2018, Thursday

First Day of FY Student

Today on 2nd of August, 2018 we  BMBBA conducted  first orientation programme for our first year students of batch 2018. The overall strength of the ?rst year students was near about 80-90 students. In the beginning the students were gathered together in a class. Certain students where accompanied by their parents. S.Y & T.Y students along with Mr. Chintan  shah sir gave a short introduction of the college to the ?rst year students in the class. As per the regular schedule, the students were taken to the terrace of the college for a short session zumba exercise conducted by Ms. Anery and Ms. Aisvy which lasted about 30minutes.

In the meantime, classes were ?nally decorated with balloons of blue, white and black colour, stuck on the wall. Also handwritten chart paper pieces were stuck on the walls of the classroom. Colorful ribbons were used to decorate the borders of the whiteboard followed by a welcome message written on the board.

  Welcome the students in the class with kumkum tikaa and craft flowers. The program began with a short introduction which lasted about 10 minute, given by Anas Ali Syed and Sagar Patil as an anchors of the orientation program. Then the “activity information” of the college was provided in which all the activities conducted in the college where informed to the ?rst year students like industrial visits, seminars, certain outings by the college etc. for the students. Then, faculty introduction began. Groups of two and three students were made to introduce each faculty followed by dedicated songs for each faculty.

After the introduction of the faculties, a short and simple speech was given by the principal. Then, the announcement of the e-magazine was done by the faculty Ms. Priti Mehta. The launch of the e-magazine was done by the principal Ms. Cheta Desai. The principal, in order to encourage the students, requested them for presenting the magazine. The magazine front cover was printed on a paper which was tied to hydrogen balloons to ?y up when the box opened.

Finally, Rency ma'am and Priti ma'am gave a vote of thanks to all the students involved in the preparation of the orientation programme.

 Co-ordinators of the Event:

1. Mrs. Rency Desai

2. Mrs. Priti vashi.