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    27th December 2018, Thursday

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    27th December 2018, Thursday

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    27th December 2018, Thursday

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    27th December 2018, Thursday


Name of the college

Bhagwan Mahavir College of Business Administration

Name of the faculty coordinator

Bhatt Gaurav H

Name of the faculty coordinator

Doctor Krishna , Desai Shanu

Date of the workshop


Time of the workshop

Start time- 8:45 AM                End time-10:30 AM

Name of Speaker-1  for Session 1

Mr. Sunny Kabrawala

Name of Speaker-2  for session 1

Mr. ShlokKasar

Name of Speaker 3 for session 2

Ms. Agrima Rathore

Total number of students attending the session


Branch wise students count


Semester wise student count

TY 60


SY 70


FY 70

Brief  profile of Speaker-1 along with a summary of his/her speech

Mr. Sunny Kabrawala is the founder of Star Research Lab.

He has achieved his education from BMEF.

Mr. Sunny shared his life experience about his business on how he created his passion of space technology into a business to provide economical solutions and bring rocketry to an individual.

He shared his life achievements and commented a bit on his education to give the impression of persistence and dedication after education.

He discussed his hurdles and difficulties in the earlier stages of his startup and how he coped with them. 

The basic idea of his speech was to inculcate the actual meaning and idea of entrepreneurship into the students. 


Brief  profile of Speaker-2  along with a summary of his/her speech

Mr. Shlok Kasar is the founder of YogaMilk.

He has been struggling to provide nutritious and unadulterated milk to the people of Surat through his startup.

His speech was interactive with presentations and Q&As.

Mr. Shlok described his education and how he lacked it certain times.

He shared how the idea of selling good quality milk strike his mind and encouraged him to convert it into a startup.

He shared the details of how he managed his channel of acquisition and distribution of milk, how he improved his sales and created awareness among people about their personal health.

He too supported the idea that education itself cannot take majority of people to high places but, efforts in entrepreneurship.

In the end, he gave answers to many queries of the students about what is his vision, how he managed to sell at high costs, how he created awareness in people, how he managed quality of service.


Brief  profile of Speaker-3  along with a summary of his/her speech

Ms. Agrima Rathore is a communication specialist, public speaker.

She is working as Campaign Manager with JoshTalks and is a certified trainer by Facebook.

After the speech of both the entrepreneurs, she added in the knowledge of expanding the business with the use of social networks, especially Facebook.

With a slideshow, she provided the students with a lot of statistical data on how Facebook and Instagram benefit in expanding business.

She instructed on how a create a business page on Facebook, how to use Facebook Live, How to use Instagram and messenger in business.
















Overall experience of the workshop from the audience perspective.

The students of FY, SY as well as TY attended the session.


The session was reported as very interactive and helped in gaining insight to what is taught and what is needed for entrepreneurship.

The students were happy to get to know practical information and their questions answered with satisfaction.

The final vote of thanks too was given by a student.